Over 55 years of history for a solid entrepreneurial reality in construction sector rooted in the Calabrian district.

Squillace Edilizia was founded in 1955 in Catanzaro by the entrepreneurial initiative taken by Cavalier Pasquale Squillace and his son Tonino, the men who, with dedication and tenacity, built a factory for the production of terrazzo floors and sawed marble and later turned into traders for construction material in the local market and eventually emerged at the regional level over the years.

Squillace L'edilizia

Based on loyalty intentions, trust and humility in relationships and on refinement typical of men of the past

Currently the workforce has an average age of under 40 years and the owners themselves are very young, but they already possess experience and capacity that are hardly found in entrepreneurs of their generation.

WE STRONGLY BELIEVE in the values ​​derived from ethical behaviour and support the concepts of independence and confidence, which are fundamental in order to create value for the prestigious companies we represent. We believe that these qualities are essential in building confidence among the public.


Squillace Edilizia sas, thanks to its increasingly competitive quality, honesty ans price, represents the best companies in Calabaria at national level, such as Marazzi Group Spa, Jacuzzi Europe Spa, Gardenia Orchidea Spa, Flaminia Spa, Clam Soc. Coop. and many other prestigious industry leaders.

Discover all building and thermo-hydraulic materials which we offer in Catanzaro

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