Squillace L'Edilizia

Squillace L’Edilizia

Our history



The Squillace L'Edilizia company was founded in 1955 in Catanzaro by the will of Cavalier Pasquale Squillace and his son Tonino. The dedication and the willpower have led father and son to create a factory of grit floors for floorings with a great effect and sawn marble. The company later became a retailer of building materials. Thanks to over 60 experience in the sector, the company has become a well established reality throughout the region.


What characterizes the company Squillace L'Edilizia in Catanzaro is the constant search for innovative materials and new shapes to meet your needs. In our showroom you will find porcelain, terracotta, majolica, marble, parquet and other materials. We take care of your needs and we try to satisfy your requests offering a wide range of floorings, bathroom furniture, stoves, fireplaces and products for plumbing and heating.


Our staff is at your disposal to support you in the choice of the furniture accessories according to your tastes. If you do not have a clear idea about the furniture to use, our staff will follow you in choosing the materials and shapes of the furniture you need. In our showroom you will find everything you need to give your home a cozy and comfortable look.


Flooring varies not only in materials but also in colors. You can choose, in fact, between different shades of color and decide whether to place the tiles in a simple way or with a special motif. The choice of furnishing elements for your bathroom, including floor or suspended bathroom fixture, is really wide. We pay particular attention to details: to complete your bathroom furnishing, there are many proposals among various faucets, bathtubs and showers suitable for every style, as well as practical and functional fireplaces and stoves.