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The wide choice of floorings and bathroom furniture includes the exclusive Versace furnishings in Catanzaro. The tiles of the Versace line are elegant and refined. The details are well finished. For that concerns Versace flooring you can choose coatings with beautiful mosaics and grecque. The coverings are embellished with embossed details that will make your home luxurious and classy. If you want something exclusive for your home, choose the furnishing elements of the Versace line.

Atour showroom you can find floors in different materials, colors and shapes. We have parquet, stoneware, marble and other materials. For your bathroom you can choose modern style washbasins and bathroom fixture. The bathtubs and showers we have are practical and functional. Our company offers you a variedline of taps with rounded or squared shapes. The bathtubs and showers we have available have an innovative design, they are functional and aesthetically impressive.

You can choose between a wide range of stoves with original colors and unique style. We also have different types of fireplaces that will allow you to heat the environment and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

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