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In our company you will find a wide selection of items for plumbing and heating in Catanzaro. We have all the necessary components to make the plumbing and heating systems. The products we have include boilers and radiators of the best brands. In our shop you can find boilers of the highest quality. For the heating system we have traditional or condensing boilers. We also offer air conditioning systems for heating and cooling rooms to have an ideal temperature in both hot and cold seasons.
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We have central heatings and radiators of different shapes. You will be able to choose the radiators that best suit the furnishing of your home. The heaters in our store are real design elements, with a modern style. We also have radiators with elegant shapes to complete a classic décor with unique and exclusive elements. Our experts will help you choose the radiators that best suit your needs. We offer floor heating systems, thanks to which you can have a constant temperature in all rooms of the house.



You will find different solutions for water heating. We have, in fact, different models of boiler of various sizes to meet your needs. The products for the plumbing and heating that we have available are safe and guaranteed. At our store you can find the spare parts of the original brands. Contact us for more information on the products for plumbing and heating in our store. Our team will be at your disposal to satisfy all your requests.
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